Social Media was used to brainwash everyone on the planet.

Most of the UK, and a few former territories of the British Empire, rely on honesty and accuracy for their world news via the UK’s BBC Radio & TV programs; plus BBC World Service truly has global coverage. But……

How would you feel…. if all the data, graphs, slick phrases and advice were in no way verified by the your trusted broadcaster? If all the footage and verbiage was produced by the The UN, W.E.F, & W.H.O. and simply repeated as-is by your trusted broadcaster? If your trusted broadcaster was bankrolled by some foreign organisation with un-ethical interests – see Follow The Money evidence below.

How would you feel…. if you were never told (as required by law), printed warning information packed with your vaccination vile? If that the information, if read by you, would have suggested you to refuse your vaccination for yourself, or your children, or pregnant partner? If you knew it was illegal to vaccinate anyone without the person having an illness, unless told of vax side-effects, or if the vaccination (mRNA in particular) would genetically modify and harm you? If as we now know, the content of that vile had never been pre tested, nor peer reviewed, and consequential problems were covered up? If the Vax Manufactures had immunity from financial damage claims, if there was no pier review of efficacy, if the vac would not give immunity….?

How would you feel if you were brainwashed…… by a method of ‘PCR testing’ ? Deceived that the PCR tests was deliberately amplified so as to falsely classify you as a Pariah ? Don’t have time to digest this video ‘Where are We Today’ ( “Issues to be revealed 2 – How misleading is the PCR Test?” )

Follow the money:- from big pharma to vaccination recipients.

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