Vaccines – Licensed or Trial under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA)

mRNA vaccines targeted at Covid-19 were announced as the new panacea for the new virus. Hitherto Influenza vaccines (being used on an annual dosage basis) would require 2 to 3 years to develop & market based on the changing types of flu viruses. The standard vaccine processed an actual flu virus and served it up as a vaccine for the patient’s own immunity system to build it’s defences. The mRNA based vaccines are an exprimental process which act on the patient’s DNA, DNA then modifies patient’s RNA to act as a messenger to the immunity system. mRNA stands for ‘Modified RNA’ and can be viewed as trials at ‘Genetic Engineering’ and possible leading to Eugenics.

Nevertheless, before any vaccine (conventional or mRNA) can be marketed for use it has to undergo Manufacture’s Test/Trials, which includes a checking of all Trial data (pre and post vaccination) by independent authorities. Hence 3 years and all issues understood, culminating in a “Marketing Licence”. The mRNA trials will complete in 2023/24. Before then Manufacturers can withdraw, modify and replace their mRNA vaccines to iron ‘out the bugs’. Meanwhile the public can only hear about “covid-cases” and “covid-related-deaths”.

Independent ‘Updated Information’ on the results within the trail phases are circulated and available below. But first the legality of mass (global) vaccination with the Un-Licenced vaccines. Un-Licensed drugs cannot be used for mass vaccination of Humans. However in times of Global Pandemic, each Government can issue a ‘Marketing Authorisation’ for their use. Such Government action at first sight is breaking the Law. However there is good argument that if the vaccine is not on a ‘population-basis’, but on an ‘individual-patient-need’, then it can be argued. ‘Need’ is the vital wording. Risk to the patient should never be ignored.

Link to law regarding “Unlicensed Medicinal Products’ identifies EU and UK legislation, guidance and case law relative to “a Licenced” and/or a “Marketing Authorisation”: Highlighted extracts are reproduced below.

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