What is ‘your experience’ of Covid19?

Fast Forward to 2022 Summer. Politicians, Experts, Nurses, News, etc, have seen staggering and shameful evidence of lies, coverups, motives and data. Their silence and lack of integrity is beginning to surface.

Human rights have been grossly abused for the profits of a select few. Global populations have been lied to via targeted mis-information, mandated by the World Health Organisation, & distributed blindly via global news & media (some of which receiving donations towards their blind harboring of WHO data.

If you are not fully familiar with the above then take a 50 minute break away from daily routine and learn from this video published mid August 2022.

Epoch Times exposé – Time for Government to be sued.

Where are we today? – 3 Issues now revealed

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – The Corona Virus Investigation – Progress summary as at 2022-08

History from Spanish Flu to Covid 2019

In February 2022 Vera Sharan’s statements were captured live on video (below). Vera is a holocaust survivor and is President of the ‘Alliance for Human Research Protection‘. .

Starting1915 Sharan follows thru ‘1918 Spanish Flu’ epidemic (which originated in USA by the way – see Wiki 2nd para), and connections to Covid-2019 pandemic and Anthony Fauci-Director NIAID

re Spanish Flue.. “It did not emanate from Spain. It was not a Flue, nor was it caused by a Virus”…. mis-identifying….helped to conceal truth. ….to test an experimental vaccine….

Click full-screen icon ◙ on video (see lower right corner).

runtime 54 mins

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