NHS Doctors can now reveal Vaccine Truths

Dr David Cartland is a trained and respected doctor in the United Kingdom. James Delingpole introduces and discusses with Dr David his qualifications and knowledge surrounding NHS ethics and whether their motivation for money sacrifices the ‘oath of care’ that NHS doctors were bound to honour.

The interview exposes ignorances, wilful misconduct, denials and evils that preside within pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Listen carefully for 70 minutes and pass on the devastating truths…

Survival Information: Dr David Cartland and James Delingpole discussion (70 mins)

Undertaker – John O’Looney exposes NHS Covid19 Protocols

In 2022 John O’Looney, an undertaker in United Kingdom, explains in a 24min video of his first hand experiences with UK government and NHS procedures surrounding classification of ‘cases’ and hospital treatments.

runtime 24 mins

In support of the 2022 testimony, John O’Looney posted his testimony on YouTube concerning his first hand experiences on how Covid patients are treated by NHS. Warning: you may find some of O’Looney’s evidence is profoundly disturbing. Even more disturbing is that PCR Testing produces significant false positives and therefore NHS Protocols will cause more harm than good.

YouTube runtime 39 mins