Was Covid-19 Good or Bad?

Sars Covid-19 is broadly one of Influenza viruses. What was new in 2019 is the gain of strength of the -19 virus. Whether you now believe or deny it’s origins, strengths or purposes that is not important. Covid brand ‘-19’ was specifically engineered by American financed gene research in the Chinese Wuhan Laboratory. Such artificial gene engineering is accepted under so-called “Gain of Function” research, but is only banned for warfare scenarios. QUESTION: Was this Good, Bad, or Planned for ?

Either by design or accident the newly super strengthened version of Influenza Virus (Covid-19) was released from the Wuhan Laboratory to become a major issue in 2019. China claimed that this super virus was a natural phenomenon from bats, or pangolin in their adjacently located Wuhan wet food market. Strangely W.H.O investigations found no signs of the virus in that food market and, the final conclusion is this infamous/vicious virus was engineered in Wuhan Lab under ‘gain of function’ experimentation.
Link to FactCheck.org on US financing of Wuhan Institute of Virology = Planned For !

In the decades prior to 2019 we had witnessed intense debate and protester concerns over our planet’s Climate Change. Also similar discussion on our planet’s ever growing Population, and effects such as Pollution & Food sufficiency, carbon emission, etc. A wake ‘Call to Arms’ to avoid pending doom ! Governments need to take action now ! Link to Bill Gates, WEF led plans:- Nov 2019 EVENT-201 = Planned For !

According to United Nations our world population will increase
from 7.0 in 2010 to 8.5 billion in 2030 (over just 20 years).

For the senior citizen there is no need to worry, however for younger generations they have need to be concerned over the effects caused by Population growth. It would be naive to assume that politicians and world forums have not been discussing and planning ahead on how to feed the population, and energy needs, and Pollution reduction. That is why we have ‘Global Forums’ WHO WEF, UN, Climate, Trade, Biotech, Agriculture, etc
…….. = Planned For !

Solutions are in hand that are ‘timely and effective’. Some may say ‘too late’, and others ‘we did not see it coming’. In the good-old-days we had the occasional world wars and pandemics which had an impact on Population. Covid-19 his certainly been effective as a possible solution. That is Good ?

Some of us will answer 3 years of Covid-19 has been a benefit to Planet Earth. That is Good ?

Some of us will say -19 has forced preparedness for the future of mankind. That is Good ?

For sure -19 has made a few of us very much richer. That is Good ?

In the next Chapter let us look at the development and progress of -19 in recent years, and how it becamse also the ultimate population management tool.

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The next Chapter Covid-19 (Phase 2) Outline – Phase 1 = 1900 ~ 2000. Phase 2 = 2000 ~ to-date.

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