Covid19 : Corruption & Intent

Painful truths about Covid, the lies and coverups. Understand what happened and prepare for the future. World Leaders, News, Politicians, and Climate Changers each have warnings and agenda. Populations are overwhelmed with fears and doubts about these hidden agenda. Evaluating between truth and untruth is impossible when bombarded by ‘one-way’ media. Under emergency situations News Broadcasters become simply News Bulletin Readers. If we see first hand original & un-edited sources, and debates (i,e, face-to-face or by video and via Q&A), then we can evaluate according to our personal criteria of honesty. Simply, one-way quick & over simplified graphics and closing responses like ‘Follow the Science’ all hide the truth.

This site provides copies of published documents as well as footage from victims and respected specialists to provide a complete overview. The videos might be time consuming to watch end-to-end and are best absorbed with repeat viewing as content is thorough and delivered empathetically.

The Documents are original and public-domain together with download links. Highlights have been added to specifically relevant sentences and key words. Some of the videos are amusing, but also heart-breaking in terms of truth and reality.

Anthony Fouci and Donald Trump USA
Sir Patrick Vallance UK “Follow the science”

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