Covid-19 (Phase 2) Outline

THE DESIGNERS (Beneficiaries) OF COVID :
USA has the might and resources to achieve great things: Put a man on the Moon: Declare the US$ will be the basis of world currency: Create vaccines to solve all woes: Arrange necessary UN and other Forums, etc.

In recent times up until WW2 individual countries held their own stocks of gold against which they were allowed under international mutual terms to issue their own currency. A country (example UK) would print as much money necessary for circulation (Quantative Easing as it is now known) and to pay for foreign trade up a limit relating the weight of gold it held. The printed money had a simple wording “I promise to pay the holder on demand the sum of 10 Pounds” Yes, the Bank of England promised to give you real gold to the weight of £10. as example.

Unfortunately during WW2 as a way of protecting our gold reserves, gold was moved to Fort Knox in USA under the same “promise wording” as above. So you only had to fly to Kentucky to get your £10 in actual gold. Sounds finger licking good – “Yeah”

“No” By 1972 Nixon Shock (Wikipedia para 3 ‘Events‘) the so called Bretton Woods System collapsed and a promise to continue that same “promise wording” was unilaterally withdraw. “Quantative Easing rules the world

Yes there is only one simple vehicle to pass on information and create International Laws – The World Health Org (WHO)., a huge Organisation with immense powers and finances, projects.

WHO Quote

Thanks to our pioneers key “thematic funders” Germany, the European Commission and Japan, WHO received US$ 190 million in thematic funds in 2019, up from 2018’s US$ 137 million. These funds give a degree of flexibility that allows WHO to be more effective and efficient in allocating funds, to focus on results for our joint priorities.
Specified voluntary contributions: 
Specified voluntary contributions represent 90.1% of all voluntary contributions. They are tightly earmarked to specific programmatic areas and/or geographical locations and must be spent within a specified timeframe.

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