Covid-19 (Phase 2) Matrix

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Yes there is the single global entity to pass on information and create Regulations and Laws . The World Health Organisation!

The founding member of World Health Organisation (WHO) is China (formerly ROC and now PRC).

WHO Membership is the 197 members of NATO that are all obliged to provide funding for WHO basis needs. For specific projects an additional $190,000,000 (2021 basis) is donated by individual entities requesting themed studies, etc.

WHO Quote

Thanks to our pioneer key thematic funders Germany, the European Commission and Japan, WHO received US$ 190 million in thematic funds in 2019, up from 2018’s US$ 137 million. These funds give a degree of flexibility that allows WHO to be more effective and efficient in allocating funds, to focus on results for our joint priorities.
Specified voluntary contributions: 
Specified voluntary contributions represent 90.1% of all voluntary contributions. They are tightly earmarked to specific programmatic areas and/or geographical locations and must be spent within a specified timeframe.

WHO operates as a specialised agency & mandated by ‘The United Nation’ (UN).

Under the UN Mandate (when a specific health issue is declared ‘A Pandemic of International Concern‘) WHO is given from it’s UN mandate) and exclusively for the purpose of pandemic control) superior power over all Member States concerning restrictions, movements, and regulations. All populations and Governments as UN Members then follow WHO management

WHO is mandated to investigate, report and aid Health issues world wide. WHO is also able to nominate (subject to UN approval, that a specific outbreak is termed “a global pandemic”. Under such ruling, WHO are empowered under “International Health Regulations (2005)” to control all governments and population movements of ALL MEMBER STATES. The International Health Regulations 2005


WHO collate and distribute pandemic data and WHO issue the global summaries for each member country (MENSSENGER) to broadcast locally as Pandemic News bulletins to it’s populations via TV et, al. Of course the source data is created by the Member’s own data collection regimes, scientist and agencies. The validity (accuracy) of “Covid Cases” & “Covid Related Deaths” is covered by pre-set WHO criteria. The summaries and graphs are then passed on to the all citizens (The Target).


As a result of the above structure all populations of the world are under control and guided to achieve the designed objective.